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We will help your child develop skills they can build on by encouraging their natural eagerness to learn, explore and be creative. Your child will be prepared for future success with exposure to math, science, reading and more.

Learning how to play and get along with others is an important skill in life. Your child will be encouraged to run and play while building strong social skills from carefully designed group activities.

When your child attends our summer program they will be introduced to our educationally themed projects that will challenge them while still having fun and making friends.

Building blocks that help us learn

Children develop at different paces. We're here to help and encourage all children.

Children are able to harvest vegetables from their garden and take nature walks.

Our safety program helps to teach children the habit of always thinking about safety first.

Our Home Sweet Home program will help to reinforce positive habits that relate to your home.

We offer child education programs to meet the needs of any child between infancy and 12 years of age. Rely on us to give your son or daughter the individualized attention, guidance and encouragement they need to learn and grow.



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Summer program

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