Pre school and Kindergarten - Academic programs - Tomball, TX
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Your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with curriculum based learning materials.  These materials let your child advance at his or her own pace. Contact us to set up an appointment today!

We know that all family's needs are different, so our hours are flexible with all-day child care and before and after school programs. In addition, transportation and meals are also available.

When your child attends Children's Building Blocks you can trust that they will receive personalized attention, guidance and the encouragement they need for good social and emotional development.

Planned learning activities

Exploring and experimenting with things around us.

Enjoy engaging music activities that are curriculum based.

Listen to a story and talk about all the fun things that happened.

Working together and learning to count objects.

Your child will receive excellent instruction and child care when they come to Children's Building Blocks. We provide a loving, safe environment that is challenging and fun!

Learning fun in a caring place

Curriculum based learning

Flexible hours

Social growth





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